Dance Class Descriptions - Where will your child's dance journey begin.....



Kids Kan Dance with Mummy                                                 
Age 18 Months to 2.5 years

A class for children to dance with an adult. Classes are full of fun, dance routines, creative movement, singing, sensory play, exploration and imagination. This is the perfect class if you are looking for something to join in with with your little one.  Our dance with mummy class is suitable for children until they are 2.5 years old.  

Twinkle 2's

Age 2

In this class, we are helping children learn how to join in their dance class without an adult, although you will be required to attend with your child and some joining in will be needed :) We make it fun and encourage children to dance without an adult in various parts of the class, at their own individual pace. This class will help you and your child with their transition into one of our preschool classes, where children participate independently for the whole class.  Children dance, sing, use creative movement, explore their imaginations and learn dance terminology in this class.  Our Twinkle 2's class is suitable for children until the term after their 3rd birthday.  

Prima Pre-Schoolers
Age 3 - 4 years (who have not started school)

Prima Pre-school classes are a chance for children to learn all about different styles of dance from Jazz, Freestyle, Contemporary, Ballet, Commercial, Ballroom and many more.  They learn routines, basic technique, terminology, creative movement, singing, acting and much much more.  The emphasis is on fun learning in a structured environment.  

Inspiring Infants

Age 4-6 years 

Inspiring Infants classes are a chance to start working on more technique and more dance styles.  Children will also start to work on performance skills, team building and confidence building.  Children have the opportunity to become class ambassadors and Team Leaders too!

Kids Kan Perform 

Age 6 and over

A Performance based class for children aged 6 and over.

Dance, Act and Sing. 

In this class we work on a termly family and friends performance and towards our annual performance.  The children who attend this class are invited to sing dance and act in all our performances.