Benefits of Creative Movement

In all of our classes we dedicate a portion of the lesson to creative movement and improvisation. For many parents in our dance with Mummy classes this is the part of the class where they see just how much their child has absorbed from their lessons. The same is true for parents of older children during watching week.

Below are just some the benefits of creative dance for children. I will be exploring this topic further on the Kids Kan Dance blog during September.

Our blog can be found can be found @

These are just some of the benefits of creative movement -

Emotional development and confidence

Life skills – Listening, taking turns, taking direction, sharing and appreciating others

Ignites children creative spark

Helps the children, their teacher and their parents see how much of the structured class they are now able to interpret using their own creativity and feelings

We can take creative movement ideas from all sorts of places and items as we go about our daily life. Check out the Kids Kan Dance blog every day all this week for some fun ‘Back to School’ creative movement ideas

Katie x

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