Bonfire Night - Zoom, Wiz, Bang

At Kids Kan Dance HQ we love a good seasonal lesson - So November is a great month for us :)

We love that KKD lessons can be repeated at home as well as in class, so we have decided to share some of our rhymes and creative movement ideas with you.......

Fireworks, Fireworks

(to the tune of Teddy Bear Teddy Bear)

Fireworks Fireworks, flying in the sky Think looking up to the sky and pointing

Fireworks Fireworks, up so high Think reaching as high as you can on tip toes

Fireworks Fireworks Zoom Zoom Zoom Think zooming like a rocket with you hands, or whole body

if you are feeling adventurous

Fireworks Fireworks Boom Boom Boom Think, big sharp movements like jumps and claps

Our unique approach to teaching dance combines technique, creative movement, singing, dancing and acting. Watch this space for more tips on how to continue our lessons at home.........

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