Kids Kan Help Boost Confidence

Kids Kan Help Boost Confidence ......

I wanted to share one of the ways Kids Kan Dance encourage confidence in new dancers. We all know it can be daunting to walk into a new situation and this is also true for children. No matter how much a child wants to attend dance classes, sometimes it is all a little bit too much for them when they get there. As adults our usual strategy is to quickly find someone we may have something in common with and latch onto them, but this can be difficult for young children to do.

Some children like to link with their new teacher, and that is just fine with us :) We will hold their hand for as long as they need it.

Some children, however, are already learning how to seek out that confidence through their peers. This is why we have Team Leaders in our Pre School and Infant age classes. Our team leaders are dancers who can help shyer children integrate quickly into their new class, and help to show them the ropes.

Our skilled teachers can quickly assess the best way to help a shy child and help them start to enjoy the class as quickly as possible.

Anyone that has met me will find this hard to believe, but I was once that shy child who was so desperate to get involved with other children and join in the fun, i just didn't know how. Dance was the one thing that made me feel confident and taught me how to make friends.

It is my mission to help as many children as i can through dance and by having team leaders not only am i helping a shy child find their confidence, i am teaching a generation of children how to help their peers find their confidence too !

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